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In this blog, members of the ASRT Board of Directors share their thoughts and perspectives on issues affecting the radiologic science profession, current news and events, and the life-changing experience of serving the ASRT as an elected volunteer.

Board bloggers are William Brennan, president; Sandra Hayden, president-elect; Mike Latimer, vice president; Kevin Rush, secretary-treasurer; and Mike Odgren, vice speaker of the House. Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the individual authors.


Gearing Up To Celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week®

Posted October 28, 2014
By Mike Latimer, M.S.R.S., R.T.(R)

On Monday, February 2, 1981, I was a senior in high school. On that date, for the first time in PGA Tour history, there was a five-way tie at the Bing Crosby National Pro-Am. Also memorable on that date, the Talking Heads released the song "Once in a Lifetime." One of the lines in the song is: “And you may ask yourself, ‘Well...How did I get here?’”

Well…How did I get here? Back in 1988 I was a young sailor who had just graduated from Hospital Corps School and was ordered to proceed to the Naval School of Health Sciences, Bethesda Detachment, in Portsmouth, Virginia for the purpose of attending Advanced X-ray School. 

At the time, I had a six-year contract and I thought that I could do just about anything for six years. Lo and behold, 26 years later, I’ve retired from the Navy. I’m an ARRT-registered radiographer licensed to practice in the great state of Florida and am working as a professor teaching radiography at Palm Beach State College. I’m also serving on the ASRT Board of Directors as vice president. 

Back in 1988, when I started x-ray school, I had no inkling that I was making the first steps toward what has become not only my career but my passion. In the last 26 years I’ve worked in a variety of positions, from staff technologist to department chair. Along the way I’ve served my profession by becoming involved in state affiliate societies and the ASRT. I’ve had the privilege of serving my profession in a variety of board and committee positions, and I’m always looking for a way to give back to a profession that has given me so much. 

So, on the eve of National Radiologic Technology Week, ask yourself, “How did I get here?”



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