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In this blog, members of the ASRT Board of Directors share their thoughts and perspectives on issues affecting the radiologic science profession, current news and events, and the life-changing experience of serving the ASRT as an elected volunteer.

Board bloggers are Donna Thaler Long, chairman of the Board; William Brennan, president-elect; Sandra Hayden, vice president, Mike Latimer, secretary-treasurer; Amanda Garlock-Corbin, speaker of the House, and Mike Odgren, vice speaker of the House. Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the individual authors.


Hello From ASRT’s Newest Board Member

Posted August 19, 2014
By  Kevin L. Rush, M.H.A., R.T.(R)(T), FASRT

Trying to find an introductory sentence for this post is similar to starting as the newest member of the ASRT Board of Directors: I know exactly what I am supposed to do…but I have no idea what I am supposed to do! Ever find yourself in that situation with a new job, new location or new friends? Thankfully, my fellow directors and the ASRT staff are welcoming and supportive. 

I know exactly what I am supposed to do, and that is serve my fellow members by doing what I believe is in the best interests of the profession and our members. I have no idea what I am steps I am supposed to take to make that happen. Make no mistake, I know when to vote and how to vote, but it is more challenging recognizing that every organization has a culture and process in carrying out its mission. Anyone new to an organization has to balance respecting the institutional history and the outstanding work it’s done previously while bringing a new or differing perspective. I believe that is what each member of the Society wants.

Fortunately, the other members of the ASRT Board are outstanding members of our community and I truly believe they are committed to each and every member. They and the staff have welcomed me and have graciously assisted me with the smallest or even “should-have-known-that” request. Should I have been surprised? Any reader who has interacted with either group would expect nothing less.

That support flows into the most important thing any Board member can do: disagree without being disagreeable. Each member of the Board has her or his own opinion on what needs to be done, but I will argue that all the Board members have the same principles at heart. It’s learning to respect differences of opinion that makes the ASRT the premier organization it is.

My time on the Board thus far has found me with two goals. The first is to spend these early months watching, listening, learning and gaining understanding of my role and the ASRT’s processes. My second goal will be much more difficult, and it is the same goal as all who have served on the ASRT Board: to give as much to those around the table as they give to me. Newbie Lesson Number #1 has already shown me that the second goal will never happen...but the fun and satisfaction of serving come from chasing the unattainable. Wish me luck!

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