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Clinical Instructor Academy 

Credit Version

Clinical Instructor Academy

This six-part program will help you gain the expertise, insights and confidence needed for a smooth and successful transition into the role of clinical instructor.

This program is designed to meet the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) standards for radiography clinical instructors and radiation therapy clinical supervisors.


Is this the right version for you?

The credit version of each module is designed for individual professionals and features a quiz you can take to earn CE credit. We also provide an institutional version for educators, program directors and managers who would like to use the Clinical Instructor Academy for educational purposes. Learn more about the institutional version.

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Clinical Instructor Academy Complete Series

For your convenience, purchase the program as a series and receive all six modules and quizzes at once. And after successful completion of all six for-credit modules, the ASRT will send you a recognition of achievement award!

8.0 $120 $160

Module 1 — Transitioning From Staff Technologist to Clinical Instructor

Helps technologists transition from a staff position to the role of clinical instructor and provides strategies to make the switch personally rewarding and meaningful.

1.0 $15 $20

Module 2 — Are We Participating in Education or Training?

Covers adult student learning styles and explores ways to balance education with training.

1.5 $22.50 $30

Module 3 — The Clinical Instructor as Facilitator of Learning

Describes what it takes to be a successful facilitator of learning in the clinical setting.

1.0 $15 $20

Module 4 — Assessment of Clinical Performance

Highlights common terminology used in the clinical setting and emphasizes the importance of using consistent grading criteria such as rubrics to set expectations and offer accurate and fair assessment of performance.

1.5 $22.50 $30

Module 5 — Remediation: An Art and Science

Explains how remediation can be an effective technique to collaborate with students to identify areas that need improvement and celebrate success rather than emphasizing failure.

1.5 $22.50 $30

Module 6 — Record Keeping, Confidentiality and Legal Responsibilities

Describes how keeping accurate and current records is vital to any clinical instructor's success. Also covers confidentiality, counseling issues, communication methods and legal responsibilities.

1.5 $22.50 $30