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Safety Essentials

Safety Essentials - Credit Version

Provide a secure environment for your patients by learning the fundamentals of patient and workplace safety. This online series focuses on patient care and prevention of medical errors as outlined in The Joint Commission performance requirements.


We offer a variety of online x-ray CE products to help you meet your biennium requirements and learn more about the topics you are interested in. The products featured below are some of our most requested courses.

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Safety Essentials: The Series

This series explains how to improve safety in medical environments and provide a secure environment for your patients.
14 Category A $210 $280

Sectional Anatomy Essentials: The Series

This interactive online series illustrates the location and function of major anatomical structures in the human body.
11.5 Category A $172.50 $230


Digital Imaging CE

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Essentials of Digital Imaging: The Series

These online modules cover the fundamental aspects of digital imaging.
7 Category A $105 $140

Module 1 — Fundamentals

Explore a key component of digital imaging systems: the digital imaging receptor. Learn why its capabilities make it a digital imaging essential.
1.5 Category A $22.50 $30

Module 6 — Dose Reduction and Patient Safety

Refresh your safety skills with a clear outline of radiation protection methods and a discussion of safety practices.
1 Category A $15 $20


Radiation Protection CE

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Radiation Protection and Procedures in the OR

Discusses occupational radiation hazards for operating room staff.
1 Category A+ $10 $20

Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection and Safety

Presents an overview of radiation protection in fluoroscopy.
2.75 Category A+ $41.25 $55


Radiography CE

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Safety Essentials Module 10: Radiation Protection

Describes the effects of radiation on organ systems, the standard recommendations for radiation exposure limits and radiation safety principles.
1.5 Category A $22.50 $30

Chest Radiography for R.T.s

Identifies the basic anatomy seen on a chest radiograph.
1.5 Category A $15 $30


Computed Tomography CE

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CT Basics: Module 1 – Fundamentals
Top Seller!

Covers the history and evolution of CT and includes design elements of the modern CT scanner.
1 Category A $15 $20

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