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  • Co-chairman Appointed to Pediatric Imaging Alliance

    Jul 09, 2014

    The Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging has announced the appointment of Donald P. Frush, M.D., professor of Radiology and Pediatrics at Duke University Medical Center, as its co-chairman for a one-year term. He joins Marilyn J. Goske, M.D., as co-chairman.

    Dr. Goske has served as chairman of the Alliance since 2007, and Dr. Frush will assume leadership of the organization in July 2015. The Alliance is the sponsoring organization behind the Image Gently educational initiative to reduce dose in pediatric medical imaging. 

    Dr. Frush has been a key member of the Alliance steering committee since its organization in 2007. He is regarded as an expert in radiation protection for children and has made advocating for radiation protection a key part of his professional work.

     “I am especially fortunate to have an opportunity for expanded involvement in the leadership as I assume a co-chair position alongside Marilyn Goske for this coming 12-month period,” said Dr. Frush. “This year will give me a chance to become more familiar with the ongoing activities as well as Alliance infrastructure and operations. I look forward to continuing the growth of the Alliance, especially through the targeted campaigns that together will keep Image Gently front and center globally for radiation protection of children in diagnostic imaging and image-guided procedures.”

     The American Society of Radiologic Technologists is a founding member of the Alliance. For more information about the Alliance and the Image Gently initiative, visit

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