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  • Report Outlines Ebola Protocols for Radiology Departments

    Nov 21, 2014
    The National Institutes of Health and Emory University have prepared a special report outlining protocols and recommendations for radiology departments handling cases of the Ebola virus.

    According to the report, every effort should be made to perform general x-ray procedures in an isolation room rather than transporting the patient to the radiology department. As a result, the authors recommend that radiology departments develop standard operating procedures for performing imaging procedures in an isolation unit.

    In addition, the report highlights health care team communication practices, medical imaging processes and equipment cleaning procedures. It also outlines the importance of developing transportation routes, conducting mock transportation and imaging sessions, and preparing standard room disinfection procedures.

    The authors stress that radiologic technologists and other health care professionals who work with patients who have Ebola should be educated about isolation room work procedures and understand the importance of communicating with all members of the clinical team.
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