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  • Stressors High for Radiation Therapists

    Jan 23, 2015
    Radiation therapists have higher average scores for stressors and coping strategies than radiation oncology nurses, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences.

    Researchers at the Radiation Oncologist Mater Center in Brisbane, Australia, distributed a survey questionnaire to radiation therapists and oncology nurses at two tertiary hospitals. Seventy-one individuals completed the questionnaire, which focused on potential stressors at home and work and preferred stress coping mechanisms. In addition, respondents were asked to complete a survey measuring resilience, mental well-being, depression, anxiety and burnout.

    According to the results, both groups reported heavy workload as the most severe workplace stressor. Although the types of stressors varied between groups, radiation therapists reported higher average frequencies of stressors and coping strategies. There were no identifiable differences between the groups in the types or effectiveness of coping strategies employed at home or in the workplace.

    In addition, the groups did not experience significantly different levels of anxiety, depression, burnout, mental well-being or resilience.

    Their results were the catalyst for the authors to design a one-day interventional workshop for radiation therapists and oncology nurses to improve the personal resources of workers coping with stress.
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